Riva Presso Chieri ex-EMBRACO plant

  • Type of Intervention: re-industrialization of a disused site
  • Place: Riva presso Chieri (TO)
  • Way of Intervention: Put into practice of the intervention through deed of partnership with Finpiemonte Partecipazione S.p.A.
  • Property: SIT S.r.l.
  • State of Progress: Available in the market
  • Infrastructures: A21 Torino/Piacenza – E70 Torino south bypass – Genova’s Harbour: 147 km – Torino Caselle Airport: 37 km
  • End Use: Productive
  • Allowed Settlements: Business activities of production and distribution of services, including industrial and craft activities.
  • Intervention Setting: The area is located in the eastern part of Torino and consists of a huge main construction, with a metal structure widened within the years with new factory bodies and an office complex on two levels. Streets and squares and an efficient system of entry allow traffic on both directions for heavy transport. The intervention of re-industrialization is made thanks to a schedule agreement subscribed by Ministero delle Attività Produttive (Ministry for Productive Activities), Regione Piemonte (District of Piedmont) and Local Authorities.
  • Quantitative Data: Available land surface: 8.939 m2
  • Contacts: Arch. Giuseppe Phone. 011.7172331 Fax. 011.7730349