• Type of Intervention: equipped installed area
  • Place: Ivrea (TO)
  • Way of Intervention:
    Put into practice of the intervention through deed of partnership with: Finpiemonte Partecipazioni S.p.A., Edilgros S.p.A. in c. p., Studio Mediapolis S.r.l., Sig. Auddino Antonio, Sig.ra Auddino Caterina, Sig. Boeti Francesco, Sig. Carlo Ferrero, Alas S.n.c. di Auddino D & C., Sig. Catanea Maria
  • Property: SIT S.r.l.
  • State of Progress: Available in the market
  • Infrastructures: A55 Torino/Savona – E70 Southern Bypass Torino – Savona’s Harbour: 137 km
    Torino Caselle Airport: 39 km
  • End Use: Productive
  • Allowed Settlements: Area designed for industrial, craft and tertiary activities.
  • Intervention Setting: The intervention – which consists in the realization of an equipped industrial area with the add of works of urbanization and infrastructures – is located in the southern part of Torino, in which the site is well connected thanks to the presence of the southern E70 bypass which runs very close to the area (the current town plan sees a direct way out of the bypass on the area). Moreover it has been planned the realization of a hotel facility.
  • Quantitative Data:
    Available and surface: 82.935 m2 Building Index: 0,5 Previously built up covered surface: 920 m2
  • Contacts:Arch. Alessandra Configliacco Phone. 011.7172331 Fax. 011.7730349