Strambino – Equipped Installed Area

  • Type of Intervention: Equipped Installed Area
  • Place: Strambino (TO))
  • Way of Intervention: Put into practice of the intervention through deed of partnership with Finpiemonte Partecipazione S.p.A.
  • Property: SIT S.r.l.
  • State of Progress: Available in the market
  • Infrastructures: A5 Torino/Aosta – A4 Torino/Milano – Genova’s harbour: 185 km – Torino Caselle Airport: 47 km
  • End Use: Productive
  • Allowed Settlements: Area designed for craft activities – productive, productive services.
  • Intervention Setting: The intervention – which consists in the realization of an equipped industrial area with the addition of works of urbanization and infrastructures – is located out of the built-up area, on Strada Comunale per Carrone, close to Stada Statale 26 della Valle d’Aosta. Within the area, a photovoltaic park of 2,6 Mw has been recently realized by Enel Green Power- Stambino Solar, which have the surface rights for 25 years.
  • Quantitative Data: Available land surface: 9.770 m2 Building index: 0,5
  • Contacts: Arch. Cristiano Susta Phone. 011.7172331 Fax. 011.7730349