Torino Vitali Park

  • Type of Intervention: Industrial and craft area
  • Place: Torino
  • Way of Intervention: Put into practice of the intervention through deed of partnership with Finpiemonte Partecipazione S.p.A.
  • Property: City of Torino/ SIT S.r.l.
  • State of Progress: Available in the market
  • Infrastructures: A4 Torino/Milano – Genova’s harbour: 187 km – Torino Caselle Airport: 15 km
  • End Use: Eurotorino
  • Allowed Settlements: High value-added service industry, productive activity.
  • Intervention Setting: The intervention consists in the recovery of the ex-Vitali area, which is placed inside an area called Spina 3 through the realizations of two parallel factory bodies of rectangular plant. The central gallery, opened on the heads, is covered by a steel structure with transparent polycarbonate sheets. Both the blocks develop themselves on four out of ground functional levels, starting with the floor with direct access from via Orvieto. SIT developed its intervention for the City of Turin. Sit owns a single allotment.
  • Quantitative Data: Property surface: 531 m2
  • Contacts: Arch. Giuseppe Piras Phone. 011.7172331 Fax. 011.7730349